Our Services

Our Services

WFP is a highly specialized lending agent, offering an integrated, one-stop small business loans and training programs.

Our services and programs specialize in small business loan products and development services.


Loan Products

  • Super Micro Loan
    Under $2,000. Loans in this category require minimal documentation.
  • Micro Loans
    $2,000 - $50,000. Loans in this category fall within this area, and requires projections, market analysis and a business plan.
  • Small Business Loans
    Greater than $50,000. Loans in this category require more extensive financial information.
  • Community Organization Loans
    These loans are strictly for not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organizations.

Collateral and security requirements for all loan products are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Technical Assistance and Development Services

  • One-On-One Technical Assistance / Pre-Loan Technical Assistance
    Assessing client ideas, business plans and helping to develop plans to the point of submitting a loan application or acquiring other funding. In addition, providing guidance and support to the borrower as may be required, regardless of the need for loan funds.
  • Post-Loan Technical Assistance
    Post-loan services for the monitoring of activities and compliance, as well as business counseling services including cash-flow (inventory control, payables and receivables), bookkeeping and marketing.
  • Business Classroom Training
    Teaches general business concepts to entrepreneurs in the loan and technical assistance programs. Includes marketing, cash flow, inventory and customer service practices. Supplements one-on-one technical assistance.

Services are provided at no charge to successful loan applicants. WFP also provides fee-for-service development services on a contractual basis for appropriate clients, both in and outside of the Target Markets.


Additional Technical Assistance Developmental Services

  • Acquiring or upgrading physical plants and equipment
  • Developing business plans, marketing plans, management skills and performance metrics
  • Creating business relationships and strategic partnerships
  • Developing products and services
  • Setting and adjusting pricing for products and services
  • Business certification courses
  • Site visits and business evaluations
  • Tailored training programs for adult learners with different learning styles
  • New insights and skill-sets for emerging entrepreneurs