Pamela Boivin named NiiCap Executive Director

NiiJii Capital Partners, Inc. (NiiCaP), a U.S. Treasury Department Certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), has had to accept the resignation of former Executive Director, John Smith do to his physical limitations. He resigned as Executive Director Mid-May to focus on his health and recovery. John’s been with NiiCaP since the early development stages and has devoted much of his efforts to transforming NiiCaP to the distinguished Native CDFI it is today. NiiCaP wishes him the best of luck and recovery!

The NiiCaP Board of Directors has appointed Pamela Boivin as the new Executive Director. Pamela has been an employee of NiiCaP for 5 years and is extremely excited to hold this new position. “I have many goals and aspirations for the organization and our future. We look forward to flourishing partnerships and a continuation of our involvement as a part of a great web of resources for our Native entrepreneurs.”

With the new changes to the CDFI’s staff, NiiCaP remains fully operational. They will continue to implement their mission to provide alternative financing (loans) and development services for small businesses on the Menominee, Mole Lake, and Lac du Flambeau Reservations in hopes to create jobs and sustainable Reservation economies. NiiCaP strives to stimulate entrepreneurship and facilitate small business growth for our Tribal economies.

Please feel free to contact NiiCaP if you are interested in utilizing their services or products or know of anyone who could benefit. If you are interested in working on similar missions or forming possible partnerships, also contact Pamela Boivin (715)799-4806. NiiCaP’s doors will continue to be open!